PVC Door Repair.

doorWe supply and fit most types and makes of UPVC door locks and mechanisms on the market today. As with most of the work we undertake, we deal with UPVC problems at a set price, not an hourly rate.

Replacement Locking Mechanisms

If your UPVC door mechanism fails we supply a professional service for fitting a new one for you. There is also no need to worry if your door is shut when it fails, as we are very experienced in opening them quickly and with the minimum fuss.

Replacement Locks/Cylinders

UPVC door locks/cylinders can be difficult to replace, as they come in so many different sizes, types and finishes. The main thing to worry about is that they don’t stick out from the handle, as they can then easily be snapped off by burglars and the door opened in seconds.
We carry virtually all sizes and finishes of UPVC cylinder on our vans, so we can replace your lock on our first visit.
We fit 6 pin, anti-drill cylinders as standard. So if you have lost a set of keys, your lock is faulty or you want your lock replaced for any other reason, phone us now.

Adjusting Hanging/Closing of Door

Over time your door can feel harder to close or lock. This may be in closing the door, lifting the handle to throw the locking points or turning the key to deadlock. It is normally quite a simple thing for us to fix. Failure to do so may put too much pressure on the working parts and result in a broken mechanism and all the extra cost and problems which that involves (especially if you’re locked outside when it fails!).

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