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At Reliable security we supply and fit all types of CCTV to suit all budgets from high end IP recorders to small home systems we service a large area from Derby to Stoke, Nottingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, East Midlands for more info contact John Marsh our CCTV specialist. WE CAN OFFER FULL SYSTEMS WITH WITH 3 YR WARRANTY FROM £395

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Hikvision  provides customers with a huge range of choice to suit almost every need and are easy to install, meaning minimum disruption to your business.

Hikvision are a leading producer of CCTV and video surveillance equipment and their products are used in more than 100 countries world-wide.

CCTV Systems – West Midlands & Wolverhampton

Hikvision systems are fully expandable, enabling you to add new cameras as and when required and are very easy to use.  The IP CCTV systems have motion detection and basic analytical software installed and so are ready to use without the need to purchase additional expensive software.

A basic Hikvision IP CCTV installation requires only a Network Video Recorder (NVR), the required number of IP CCTV cameras and the necessary cabling. Hikvision NVRs also come with a built-in Power over Ethernet switch, which, because cameras can be operated and powered through one cable, cuts down cabling costs. As the range of IP cameras is so much wider, one camera can replace a number of analogue cameras and the improved quality of images means you need less cameras of them attain coverage of your premises.


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